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The BLACK OWNED MEDIA UPFRONT will take place on
the TV NewsCheck trade platform on
Tuesday, March 15th & Wednesday, March 16th from 1 to 4pm ET

Leaders of Black-owned media companies will Join Byron Allen’s ALLEN MEDIA GROUP to showcase their newest programming for advertisers and their agency partners during the historic, second annual Black Owned Media Upfront Presentation.

Join us on the 15th and 16th of March from 1-4 p.m. ET, when the Black Owned Media Upfront will turn a spotlight on an array of companies ranging from Allen Media Group, a major provider of entertainment, news and weather programming on TV and direct-to-consumer services, to iconic brands like HBCUGO and other Black-owned media companies.

The BLACK OWNED MEDIA UPFRONT 2022 will define “Black-owned media,” how advertisers and their agencies should allocate a minimum of 5% of their annual media budgets to this group and will include presentations from other Black Owned Media companies. This event will provide insights and the next steps that the advertising industry needs to take to create a completely fair and equitable marketplace for everyone. Joined by other Black-Owned Media companies, Byron Allen will lead the forum with his ALLEN MEDIA GROUP programming and adsales executives.

Along with showcasing new and important returning programming, the Black Owned Media Upfront and Mr. Allen and his guests will brief the marketplace attendees on the progress that our industry has made toward advancing a real equity stake in advertising budget planning. ECONOMIC INCLUSION is vital for our industry. This has been a high-visibility initiative since 2020, when Allen Media Group Founder and CEO Byron Allen and his coalition of Black Owned Media colleagues challenged advertisers to not only include Black-owned media in their media plans but increase those allocations with at least 8% of their over all media spends.

“Black-Owned Media is not supported by many companies and that is the very definition of systemic racism. We all must eradicate that immediately. Let’s use this opportunity to work together and achieve a positive change”, says Byron Allen, Founder, Chairman & CEO, ALLEN MEDIA GROUP, LLC.

Kathy Haley, co-founder and publisher at TVNewsCheck, added that the NewsCheckMedia team is proud to present the second annual Black Owned Media Upfront. “We learned last year that many advertisers and their agencies have simply passed over Black-owned media in the past because in some cases these companies are smaller than the media giants or because buyers had no connections to them. Our goal on the 15th and 16th of March will be to connect as many advertisers and media planners and buyers as possible with the wide range of innovative programming available from Black-owned companies.”

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