Byron Allen Calls on McDonald’s To Fire CEO Citing Racist Culture

Media mogul sued fast-food burger chain in May

By Jon Lafayette

Byron Allen, who is building a minority-owned media empire, called on the board of directors of McDonald’s to fire its CEO, Chris Kempczinski, citing a racist culture at the fast-food burger chain.

In the most recent incident, Kempczinski sent a text message to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot about the shooting deaths of two children in the city. In the text message, he said the parents had “failed those kids.”

Allen had sued McDonald’s in May seeking $10 billion while charging racial discrimination. According to the complaint, McDonald’s intentionally discriminated against Allen’s Entertainment Studios and Weather Group through a pattern of racial stereotyping and refusals to advertise on Allen’s media outlets.

Allen’s open letter was messengered to McDonald’s board of directors Friday.

“McDonald’s President & CEO Chris Kempczinski Perpetuates Toxic Racist Culture with Latest Revealed Comments and Must Be Fired Immediately!” is the headline on the letter.

Allen writes that: “The Racial discrimination must stop now!!! McDonald’s horrible, racist culture is indefensible and unacceptable. The headlines below and many others prove that you are not doing your jobs and you continue to perpetuate and support racism.”

In addition to the headline about the Chicago text, Allen highlights three racial discrimination suits against the burger chain, including his own.

“Even under all this scrutiny, the racist behavior continues. As we sit here today, the presiding judge in our $10 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s has set a trial date and the case has entered the discovery phase and we are highly confident much more will be revealed,” he said calling on the board to remove Kempczinski.

“Remove Chris Kempczinski from his role as president & CEO now or resign yourselves because you are on the wrong side of history,” Allen said.

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