Geraldine Moriba of theGrio on Seeking and Sharing Knowledge and Driving Real Change

By Raquelle Zuzarte

This episode of The Storytelling Revolution shines a light on a change crusader, storytelling master and five-time Emmy Award winner Geraldine Moriba, who has literally harnessed the power of her name to unlock stories of the human condition — the poignant, the urgent and the uplifting. Moriba means “curious seeker of knowledge” in several West African languages. She has recently been appointed Senior Vice President, News, Entertainment and Empowerment at theGrio, the online entertainment, news and lifestyle destination for African American consumers owned by Byron Allen. 

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Moriba is gearing up to launch an enviable slate of programming at theGrio, including a new morning show in early 2022 and a new outdoor sports program that dispels stereotypes and showcases Blacks enjoying activities like surfing, mountaineering and rowing. The depth of programming and the richness across genres provides advertisers with compelling options on how to maximize the impact of brand campaigns, while appealing to the specific interests and passions of Black consumers.

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