Equal Justice with Judge Eboni K. Williams

A respected attorney, best-selling author and powerful television personality, Eboni K. Williams has emerged as a savvy and approachable voice in national law, politics, justice and social commentary. She joins ALLEN MEDIA GROUP TELEVISION on EQUAL JUSTICE with EBONI K. WILLIAMS where her analytical, insightful and pop-culture expertise will cut through the drama in her courtroom.

On-Air contributor to CBS NEWS, CNN, The NFL Network and many other media outlets, Ms. Williams has garnered a loyal following of empowered and vocal female fans.

Her debut book: PRETTY POWERFUL, has become a bestseller, and is a work of interwoven stories from her childhood and her career. In it, Ms. Williams draws from her interactions with dynamic women in law, media, business and politics who made their own way by merging style, and clout. That is Eboni K Williams. Her style, positive attitude and desire to help people, makes her a role model for young women.
She specialized in family law and civil litigation, providing legal consultation on high-profile divorce, spousal support, and child custody cases. Ms. Williams then transitioned into practicing as a public defender, as well as a private defense lawyer in North Carolina and throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. She has represented clients in criminal matters including murders, rapes, high volume drug cases, sex crimes, and federal offenses, and brings that experience to EQUAL JUSTICE.

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