Justice for the People with Judge Milian

She takes her role very seriously, and is deeply honored to be the first Latina Judge to preside over a nationally syndicated court program. Gifting her litigants with pearls of wisdom from her strong Cuban matriarchs, Judge Marilyn Milian proudly wears her feistiness as a badge of honor.

For more than 20 years she was the face of the iconic court show, THE PEOPLE’S COURT. Now she joins ALLEN MEDIA GROUP TELEVISION with JUSTICE FOR THE PEOPLE where her years in Harvard Law School, Georgetown Law School and Miami-Dade County as Assistant State Attorney give her the savvy and the compassion to rule her courtroom and relate to the audience. Judge Milian is known for her stand against domestic violence and her dedication to the Hispanic community. With her charitable contributions of time and expertise with March of Dimes, The Latino Commission on AIDS and The Lighthouse for the Blind, Judge Marilyn Milian brings heartfelt altruism into her courtroom.
Strong, fair and approachable, Judge Milian brings local affiliates a powerful connection with female viewers on JUSTICE FOR THE PEOPLE, only from ALLEN MEDIA GROUP TELEVISION.