Mathis Court with Judge Mathis

He presided over more than 13,000 cases and took home the EMMY for Outstanding Court Program and the NAACP award for Outstanding Series.

Judge Greg Mathis is the longest running African-American male host on television and has been honored with a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Entering his 25th season on television, Judge Mathis joins ALLEN MEDIA GROUP TELEVISION with MATHIS COURT where he lays down the law in hard hitting cases with teachable-moments. The key to MATHIS COURT is the Judge himself. He mixes social commentary, street smarts, and humanity in his courtroom. His use of the bench to provide resolution and counseling to litigants before him during each episode will give MATHIS COURT affiliates compelling cases for their viewers. His long-term personal involvement exemplifies his dedication to uplifting those who step into his courtroom and those who tune in to the show. Always a judge but never judgmental about the people and the cases that come before him in court, Judge Mathis always seeks to find a positive solution for the most-dire situations.

As a young man, Mathis was involved with gangs, dropped out of school, spent time in jail, and then turned his life around as a promise to his dying mother. He earned a law degree, became the youngest judge in Michigan’s history, and served as a Superior Court Judge for Michigan’s 36th district. Known for running his courtroom with an earnest style and streetwise sensibility, Judge Mathis often uses himself as an example to those who appear before him. He is a man-of-the-people, it’s his trademark. His personal commitment to social and equal justice, and degree of humanity and forthrightness distinguish him from the rest of the court room genre. In the spring of 2022, Judge Mathis received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an honor bestowed on entertainment industry luminaries, for his contribution to television history.

MATHIS COURT is produced and distributed by Byron Allen’s ALLEN MEDIA GROUP TELEVISION.