The Free Streaming Service Local Now Launches New Series Focusing on Mental Health with Dr. Wendy Walsh

Daily Advice on Family Dynamics, Stress Management Strategies, and More Mental Health Support Now Available for Free

ATLANTAApril 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The free streaming service Local Now has introduced a new daily series featuring Dr. Wendy Walsh to offer advice and insight on mental health topics during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series DR. WENDY WALSH IS HERE FOR YOU is now available on the 24/7 free streaming service owned by Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group.

With COVID-19 creating a new normal for how we live our lives, our mental health, family dynamics and personal finances are all affected. For example, Ginger reports that nearly 70 percent of workers feel more stressed during COVID-19 than at any other point in their entire professional career. In this new series, Dr. Wendy will offer insight, provide tips, context, and coping strategies for anyone who needs guidance on navigating the “new normal” in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. Examples of some of the topics she will cover in the 3-7 minute segments include:

  • Helping kids understand COVID-19 (video
  • How to set boundaries with your boss/colleagues while working from home
  • How isolation is affecting relationships (baby boom or spike in divorces?)
  • Stress and what it can do to your body
  • Dealing with the loss of big moments – from graduations, sporting events, etc.
  • Ways to give back to the community
  • How to mentally survive this pandemic
  • Ways to give back to the community

Dr. Wendy is also soliciting input from Local Now users and will answer their questions in her daily segments. Users can submit questions to Dr. Wendy by sending a message or commenting on Local Now’s Facebook page or on any of Dr. Wendy’s social media accounts (@drwendywalsh on FacebookInstagram and Twitter). You can view a video clip of Dr. Wendy introducing the new Local Now series here:

“It is important to recognize the mental health component that goes hand in hand with the current COVID-19 pandemic. For many people in America, this is the first time they are experiencing feelings of depression and anxiety,” said Dr. Wendy Walsh. “Now more than ever, we need to prioritize our mental health and identify coping strategies and tools to help make sense of the chaos in our country and beyond. I’m looking forward to sharing my expertise and answering questions from Local Now users to be a source of much-needed mental support and therapy.”

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Wendy Walsh on our free streaming app Local Now to help everyone deal with this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Byron Allen, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Local Now parent company Allen Media Group. “We hope that this series will be a valuable resource for families as we all navigate through this unprecedented time. This is exactly the type of content we want to continue to provide as we look for the most effective and timely ways to serve our audience and our communities.”

The new series DR. WENDY WALSH IS HERE FOR YOU is the latest content supporting Local Now’s comprehensive COVID-19 coverage.

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