TVNewsCheck: Black media leaders to ramp up demand for a bigger share of advertising investment

Black-owned and Black-targeted media leaders continue to maintain that their companies are treated like second-class citizens in an advertising market that denies them their fair share and pays them rates significantly lower than those earned by larger media outlets.

To underscore their point, the top executives of two of the most prominent Black U.S. media groups will step to the microphone on Jan. 25 for a candid conversation about the state of a campaign, now in its third year, to nudge the industry to equity.

Byron Allen, founder, chairman and CEO of Allen Media Group, and Louis Carr, president of media sales at BET Networks, will talk about their experience navigating a world in which larger, mainstream media outlets can launch with the help of rich, guaranteed advertising sponsorships while Black-owned and Black-targeted networks are told they won’t gain advertisers’ interest until their audiences are large enough to be measured by ratings services.




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