The Verdict Is In...

Come on, it’s our guilty pleasure!  Watching court shows can be a stitch, and when you see the judges on JusticeCENTRAL.TV, you won’t want to look away!

JusticeCENTRAL.TV is 24 hour court with some mystery thrown in there.

Our show line up includes:

  • America’s Court With Judge Ross: Judge Kevin Ross started in L.A. Superior Court, so you could say he’s seen AND HEARD it all.
  • Justice For All With Judge Cristina Perez: She’s a 3-time Emmy Award winner and a published author, but Judge Cristina Perez is no star-struck push-over. She knows how to shut down the soap opera in her courtroom and you won’t want to miss it.
  • Justice With Judge Mablean: Judge Mablean is fair but tough when it comes to litigants battling it our in front of her bench. She’s an EMMY nominated, compassionate leader who doles out fair judgements AND inspiration.
  • Supreme Justice With Judge Karen: She’s sassy, she’s sincere, but don’t think she’s a push-over. Judge Karen slams the gavel on high-drama in her court room every day!
  • The Verdict With Judge Hatchett: Judge Glenda Hatchett, she’s loved and she’s feared because she takes no BULL in her court room.
  • We The People With Gloria Allred: She’s a legend… she’s Gloria Allred, and she’s defended civil rights and more than a few celebrities for more than 30 years. Don’t miss how she handles injustice in her court room.
  • Storm of Suspicion: It’s an hour of intrigue and suspense and it takes forensic crime-solving to a whole new level. Ever wonder what happens if a crime happens during a hurricane? How do law enforcement gather evidence when it’s getting blown or washed away?  Find out when S.O.S. – from the EMMY Award winning production teams at THE WEATHER CHANNEL – takes you through the unpredictable crime-solving details.

Satisfy that guilty pleasure, enter your zip code HERE and watch JusticeCENTRAL.TV today.